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What We Fund

Each year, through our enduring partnership with Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, we support many environmental programs and projects that help support our vision of a cleaner and healthier Lake Simcoe watershed.

These programs and projects support our objectives:


  • Improve water quality and fish habitat in Lake Simcoe, its rivers and streams
  • Provide environmental education to Lake Simcoe watershed residents
  • Reduce invasive aquatic plant growth in Lake Simcoe, its rivers and streams
  • Protect and enhance our green spaces and wetlands
  • Develop partnerships that promote lake Simcoe watershed science, education and public awareness


Typically, this would include tree and shrub planting, stream bank restoration, fish habitat restoration, wildlife protection and the outdoor education of our children and are executed throughout our watershed.

Donate to a cleaner and healthier Lake Simcoe watershed today!

We recently launched​ The Connect Campaign to build a new Nature Centre at the Scanlon Creek Conservation Area in Bradford. Visit the Connect Campaign​ landing page for the latest news and details about this new and exciting project.


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