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Holiday Giving

Give a Little Green this Holiday Season with Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation

Natu​re is so important to our well-being and will be even more vital in the coming years. Will you help us reach our goal? This holiday season, we invite you to “Give a Little Green” to help ensure a sustainable future and a healthy Lake Simcoe for our children and grandchildren. The Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation (LSCF) partners with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) to provide funding for many priority projects within the watershed we live in.​

This money will ensure the great work our friends at the Conservation Authority are doing around Lake Simcoe continues, so that we’ll have a healthy lake and watershed to enjoy for many years to come!​

​So, if you’re in the position to “Give a little Green” we’d greatly appreciate your support! It’s needed now more than ever before. Thank you for your support!​ Please donate here​​.

Your donation can be made securely online or by phone or email.

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