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Recently Supported ​Programs and Projects

Thanks to our incredible donors, in 2019 LSCF provided over $568,127 to LSRCA programs and projects. The total project value was over $3,000,000. Thank you!

Here are some supported program and project highlights:

Therapy in the Woods

Therapy in the Woods is a partnership between LSRCA Education and Children’s Development Services, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre designed to support early learners with sensory and physical challenges. The program supports therapeutic goals like improve​d dynamic balance, introduction of sensory opportunities like the auditory exploration of the forest, animals and nature, increased upper limb function and socialization with peers in the community.

Creeks Project

​ “The Creeks” subwatershed regions, located in Innisfil and Barrie areas, are under considerable pressure to grow in the coming years. While it covers only a small percentage of the overall Lake Simcoe watershed​ area, the Creeks is currently home to over 40% of watershed residents – and growing at twice the provincial average. This is placing incredible pressure on our natural resources. The Barrie and Innisfil areas already have the highest phosphorus levels in Lake Simcoe and there is a lack of natural tree cover.​

Scanlon Creek Restoration

The Scanlon Creek Restoration Project puts into action the recommendations provided in the  Scanlon Creek Conservation Area Management Plan and subsequent Environmental Assessment. The assessment recommended the reservoir be de-commissioned and a natural creek and wetland be restored to encourage local flora and fauna to thrive. Once completed the restored natural channel and adjacent wetland will provide habitat for more diverse wildlife populations.​

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