Lake Simcoe is a treasured part of all our lives.

We must work together to make sure it remains healthy.

Lake Simcoe Marina’s Care Program

Marina operators on Lake Simcoe are committed to giving their patrons the most enjoyable boating experience possible. Much of this experience is tied directly to the health of the lake itself.

The population in our Lake Simcoe watershed is growing at a quickening pace, placing pressure on Lake Simcoe water quality and that enjoyable boating experience.

LSCF is the leading fund raising organization that supports local projects that improve the prosperity of our lake. Our Lake Simcoe Marina’s Care Program is engaging our local marinas to help  them become important partners in the sustainability of Lake Simcoe.

Through this program, participating marinas will receive a beautiful recogntion plaque that celebrates their support of a healthy Lake Simcoe.

Thanks to the Lake Simcoe marina’s below who have made multi year committments to support the science and research and stewardship projects.

Lake Simcoe Marina’s Care Program Flyer

Together we will realize a Watershed for Life!

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