In 2015, your LOVE for a safer, healthier and more livable Lake Simcoe watershed helped to… 

Teach our amazing kids about the importance of conserving our shared natural environment through your support of:

  • Outdoor Environmental Education
  • Environmental Education Resource Kits for Teachers
  • New GPS units for the classroom at Scanlon Creek
  • Complimentary Conservation Kid’s Camp experience for 10 kids

Protect and restore the environmental health of our beautiful watershed through your support of:

  • 95 innovative stewardship projects in 2015 whose total cost was over $3.5 million including:
  • Raingardens at 7 homes in our watershed which diverted rain water away from storm drains
  • Tree planting, stream bank restorations and urban low impact development projects helped improve water quantity and quality (and they look great too!)
  • The Scanlon Creek Restoration Project by-passed a dam to remove a fish barrier and opened up 8 km of fish habitat, 500 metres of creek and planted over 600 trees, shrubs and live stakes with our community

Increase our understanding of our impact on Lake Simcoe, its rivers, streams and wildlife through your support of:

  • A new research boat for Lake Simcoe (you’ll see it on Lake Simcoe this year)
  • Wildlife Safe Passage Project to help our amphibian friends cross our busy and dangerous roads more safely

A healthier environment is at the heart of a healthier life. Thank You!